# Cytomine apps Concepts

List of the related main concepts :

  • Software : an external script that can be launched by Cytomine for various purposes: building of AI model during training phase, use of AI model for data inference, data mining, statistics, ...
  • Job : a job is a run of a software. A same software can be run several times with different parameters. Each run is a job.
  • Parameter : a software parameter is the declaration of a variable in the software, and a job parameter is the value attributed to this variable during a job (a run of this software).
  • Software router : the component of Cytomine that manages the softwares and the software user repositories. It also assure the launching of a software on a dedicated processing server.
  • Processing Server : the component of Cytomine where the softwares will be run when launched from the Web interface.
  • Software User Repository : an object that contains all the information needed to fetch an external software : a source code forge (currently only GitHub (opens new window)) and a Docker container repository (currentl only DockerHub (opens new window)).

Even if you can use the Cytomine clients to interact with Cytomine and create various scripts, you can also integrate these scripts directly into the Cytomine platform to allow end-users to run them directly from the Web interface. This is what this page is all about : how to integrate a script into the Cytomine platform.

Last Updated: 5/3/2021, 11:58:34 AM