Javascript client

How to install

Install NPM on your machine.

You will find on the official website the procedure to install the node package manager.
For Linux, the nodejs and npm packages are commonly available with your package manager.

For example, on Ubuntu, you can install npm with the following command:

apt install nodejs npm

Install the client.

If you want the last version registered on npm, run the command:

npm install cytomine-client

Else, for the latest developed version, we need to fetch the client code source before compile it. Be sure to have the git client installed (sudo apt-get install -y git on Ubuntu):

git clone https://github.com/cytomine/Cytomine-js-client.git
cd Cytomine-js-client
npm install
npm run build

For more instructions, please look at our GitHub repository.

How to use it

Once you got the main concept of all the External clients, you can take a look at the tests that use the javascript client for various interaction with a Cytomine instance.
Note that the javascript client is used in production into our official web front-end.